You want your driveway to look great and stay in good shape for as long as possible. As a responsible homeowner, you’ve realized it’s time to sealcoat your asphalt. But now you’ve come across this debate: squeegee or spray application. Which method is better for sealcoating your driveway? Which one lasts longer?

What is Sealcoating?

Sealcoat is made of heated asphalt bitumen. It’s a product that you apply over your existing asphalt to smooth out imperfections and protect it against harsh elements. When done right, this process extends the life of your driveway. And it gives it that nice, dark, polished-looking finish.

Spray Application and Your Driveway

A company that utilizes this method would likely have a tank truck and high pressured nozzles that would spray the sealant onto your driveway. The benefits are that it can cover a large area in much less time than other methods. It gives your driveway a nice even look and it will dry and cure faster.

But of course, fast and pretty isn’t everything. Often, companies that us the spray-on method water down their sealant, giving you a false sense of security. Your driveway might look nice, but that layer of sealant won’t last as long as it should. And it won’t protect your driveway nearly as well as other methods. Spray application would only work effectively if a surface was perfectly smooth. And that’s never true of asphalt. Asphalt is thick and porous and has a lot of small dips and pits throughout. So although spray application might seem like a good way to go because it’s quicker and it looks nice, there are a lot of hidden concerns you’d want to consider before using this method on your driveway.

What is Squeegee Application?

How is a squeegee used to spread sealcoat on your driveway? The sealcoat is poured onto your driveway and a team of qualified workers use squeegees to press the liquid across its surface. A squeegee is a tool that lets you press sealcoat across an uneven surface. This method allows you to fill dips, and chinks in your asphalt. Your driveway won’t just look smooth, you’ll have a truly even finish.

The squeegee application does take a bit longer and it might cost a little more, but the pros outweigh the cons. This method will give you much deeper coverage than a spray application ever could. And it’ll last much longer and provide greater protection.

Our years of experience have helped us to realize that, for the very best results, using squeegee and brush application is the best way to sealcoat a driveway. Our driveways last for 4 years!

Which is Better: Squeegee or Spray Application?

Spray application has its charms. It’s cheap, fast, and looks good… at least, for a little while. Eventually, it’s true colors show. It wears out quickly and doesn’t do a very good job of protecting the asphalt.

On the other hand, squeegee application goes much deeper. It provides a more thorough spreading of sealcoat across your driveway, filling in all the little dips, and producing a truly even surface. If you want the best for YOUR driveway, then squeegee application is the best choice.

Which is a better choice, professional sealcoating or DIY? Find out in our next post!

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